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Invasion Forum's » The World Of Mugen » Request » Amy Rainaldo (Female Bodybuilder/Wrestler)
Amy Rainaldo
MugenSeekerDate: Wednesday, 08/Jul/2009, 6:16 PM | Message # 1
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I've got a (perhaps odd) request for a custom character. Amy Rainaldo is a pretty cool but also obscure wrestler and bodybuilder and I haven't come across anything remotely close so far.

Here's a clip of her doing an overhead lift of a guy of the same weight: (Which would be great as one of her moves for MUGEN.)

I also have several photos to help establish a better impression of what she looks like. She's clad only in a bikini in these and is wrestling with a man, so I would only follow this link if you are 18+ or if you aren't offended by such images.

I have no clue how to go about making these things, but I do think her movelist could be kind of similar to that of Master Hand. By this, I mean that there's a general grapple attack that she could do which could then be followed up by a variety of moves.

So I'd say a basic array of punches and kicks would be a good start. She could also have a move where she does the overhead lift and then slams the opposing character down. A nice Special could be a quick (but highly damaging) standing headscissor, as seen in the second last photo. The grapple move could then have Amy sweeping the other character onto the ground and then doing one of two moves: a headscissor or she could (apologies if this offends anyone) sit on the other player's face for a moment.

Hope someone could be of help in making this character. Thanks!

JYDDate: Wednesday, 08/Jul/2009, 7:02 PM | Message # 2
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hmmm..S Far SA Making This A Char In Mugen It Would Take Some Time For A Person To Sprite It

Not Sure If Anyone Is Gonna Be Able To MAke It For Ya Anytime Soon pm

Invasion Forum's » The World Of Mugen » Request » Amy Rainaldo (Female Bodybuilder/Wrestler)
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